Guck (gucky) wrote in script_doctor,

My favorite piece of dialogue ever.

From "Trust" by Hal Hartley. Transribed (possibly quite badly) by me and the pause button.

LADY: Excuse me. Maybe it's none of my business. Are you alright? I only ask because you seem a little pale. Has something happened? Are you hurt?
(MARIA leans on LADY and cries)
Now, now. Everything will be alright. Everything will-
MARIA: It's such a stupid thing to say! How the hell do you know?
LADY: I'm sorry. It just seemed like the thing to say.
MARIA: Give me five dollars.
(LADY hands over the money.)
I'm sorry.
LADY: Go ahead, take it. I want you to have it.
MARIA: I killed my father this morning.
LADY: My daughter would have been just about your age.
MARIA: To be honest, it was an accident. We were just arguing.
LADY: I spent some time in a psychiatric hospital.
MARIA: Didn't even know he had a bad heart.
LADY: My husband just didn't want children.
MARIA: He always seemed healthy enough. I just slapped him.
LADY: I wonder if he blames me for her death. (beat) I hate my husband.
MARIA: You just never know.
LADY: He's just like a child himself.
MARIA: How can a slap in the face kill a man?
LADY: He's so absurdly like a little boy. Every summer we have to go to this ridiculous resort called Cape Holiday. I hate Cape Holiday.
MARIA: I'm sorry.
LADY: Now days are like clockwork. The sames routine year in and year out. Him off to the city every morning with his briefcase and his pipe. Then back again each evening on the 5:15 train. Me at home dusting a house that never gets dirty, never gets messed up. No one there to mess it up. Sometimes I come home and find myself hoping that the house is a wreck. Complete disarray. Sometimes I come home and find myself hoping that the house was destroyed by fire.
MARIA: Well, thanks for the five dollars.
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