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Saturday, February 21st, 2009
12:38 am
Screenplay Evaluation Checklist
The folks at Creative Screenwriting Magazine is offering a screenplay evaluation to their contest this year.

Nope, I'm not trying to advertise them, but what's great is that they posted their actual evaluation sheet online with a list of questions I think every screenwriter should ask themselves . This should be a really helpful tool for writers to use as a questionnaire  for a script, or for a script reader who's trying to fill their coverage with some valid points.


Wednesday, April 27th, 2005
12:24 am
New community....
Hi there....I've created a new community along the lines of screenwriting and films...feel free to check it out: myideaforamovie. Thanks in advance!
Monday, April 11th, 2005
3:06 am
character development
As a writer, I’m always trying to come with new ways of creating characters. Sometimes I’ll get inspired by a character in a book or movie, but that character was already made up by another writer. So I came up with a character sketch. What a character sketch is basic information on person to inspire or create a character. Sometimes I take people I know, have them fill out a simple questionnaire to learn more about their personality. It helps to understand people in general and helps to build characters.

I know that sounded so much like a text book, but that’s what I get for being in college so long. I also wanted to let everyone know, I am NOT trying to collect personal, information like last names, phone numbers, addresses, or anything that can be traceable. Nor am I trying to get in anyone’s personal business. Script and story writing have been huge hobbies of mine since I could read and write. I just want to expand my idea of characters so that I could possibly have a writing career as well as education career someday. This is totally volunteer. If you are offended by any question, don’t answer it or just let me know. I have to have this warning because I have made people ask questions in the past.



This part is something I just thought of and that I would try it out.

If you could make up a character for whatever story would you make. What kind of character would it be? Note: If you’re character inspires me, I will give you credit. I always give credit to anything that inspires me.




You can e-mail me your questionaires at msmusicalbecky@yahoo.com or msmusicalbecky@aol.com
Tuesday, January 11th, 2005
9:48 am
for all screenwriters...

Everyone knows the quickest way into Hollywood, especially for the
first-time writer, is with a hot script. We are announcing the International
ACTION Screenwriting Competition that's open for submissions right now. Cash
+ Prizes are over $30,000 from companies like Raindance, Final Draft,
Scr(i)pt Magazine, The Writer's Store, Scriptsecrets.net, and more! See
movie-action.com for details. Oh, by the way, the Grand Prize is
an optioned script.

x-posted all over...
Tuesday, December 7th, 2004
7:25 pm

If the citizens of the East would have known what they were getting for Christmas that year, they would have been running for cover a week before the present was wrapped with a big red bow and stuck under the proverbial holiday tree. On the evening of December 18, they all slept, some tossing and turning in their nightmares and some as motionless as the corpses of their ancestors who were also getting some shuteye in the old Eastern Cemetary out on Harlow Road. Not everyone was fast asleep however. Take for example, Joseph and Mary Valento, who were dancing in the shadows of their bedroom on the fourth floor, dripping sweat. The outcome would have been twenty one years old this July. As the clock struck midnight at the Eastern Correctional Facility, Billy Westwood quickly threw the switch on Arnold Armstrong, who was wrongly convicted of the murder of his wife last fall. Armstrong kicked and screamed as his brain was liquified by the charge of what the old timers had dubbed "riding the lightning." He was pronounced dead at 12:01am on December 19 by Dr. Millard Rouach.
On the contrary however, James Bauer stepped foot on Eastern soil for the first time in thirty-six years the next morning. He had served his time for child molestation and was now free to go about his lusts in life while cell block four all sat like Buddha on drug charges. In the papers that morning read the growing approval rating of East's mayor after his re-election the month before, but also spoke of hundreds of thousands gathered across the ocean raising banners and speaking out against the injustices of the West. Mayor Johanson passed a thirty-seven year old man named Ed on his way into the office that morning who asked him for a dollar so he could get a loaf of bread at the grocery store. The Mayor pretended he didn't hear Ed, but stopped on the steps of City Hall and checked his watch in the rain. That afternoon, he signed a paper that came across his desk that would put nearly seven hundred people out of work the following month at the tire plant. "Merry fucking Christmas," they would have said as they opened up the mail the following Monday. Had he paid attention in those economics classes that he skipped out on in his freshman year of college, he would have known that the people behind the initiative would be gaining a net total of around two million dollars by laying them all off. He would receive nothing, until the next election year came up.
At Eastern Elementary School, Mrs.Brown's fourth graders were all sitting down in their chairs for music. Across town, Jacky Swick was ditching out on class for the day so that he could see a picture at the Main Street Theatre that he had heard so much about. He sat through the entire movie eating a box of popcorn and thinking about two things: how he really should be in his English class right now and how the critics were so wrong about what he was watching. He tried denying this at first, but as the picture went on and the actors became so disgusting to him, he accepted defeat and left the theatre and returned to school for the last class of the day, history.
On Christmas day, December 25, at 1:15PM Mr. and Mrs. Patrick Hatheway welcomed Patrick Junior, a son, into the town of East and three hours later Western forces dropped twenty tons of weaponry on the small city and leveled every building, killed every citizen and left a thick cloud hovering over East that didn't go away for five and a half months. There is a monument there now, with a memorial quote that says something superfluous.
Wednesday, December 1st, 2004
6:15 pm
Let me know what you think...
I have started a new writing project. It's a screenplay about a movie theater, modeled from the one in Medina which my family once owned. It follows the owner, his family and their future after his untimely death. I've got around fifteen minutes of running time finished so far. It begins, shot in black and white, in present time, with the owner's great grandson chaining himself to the doors of the theater in protest of its being torn down. As the police show up and accost him, he begins to speak in a soapbox about the grand tradition of the theater and his family's history. This dissolves into a technicolor frame of the nineteen forties and begins the process of telling the story. It will move quickly through the forties and fifties, highlighting certain genres and eras of cinematography and the certain gimmicks that went along with this. The theater and the family themselves are competing with surrounding cities in creating an atmosphere that beats out the big dollar houses and stays true to the tradition, bringing in literally thousands of people every year to the small town. The crux of the plot will take place in the summer of the owner's grandson's senior year of high school and end as the owner himself meets his demise and the family is faced with back taxes and debt. They sell the theater to a shrewd local attorney in a last dash effort to keep the building's tradition. Of course, the key word is shrewd and the attorney goes through many different clubs and discos, etc. before we reach the climax of the picture. This last part, after the owner's death, will run by very quickly. The resolution lies in cutting back to the epilogue, with the great grandson. The shot is now also in technicolor and shows the town coming together and joining the young man in his protest of the building's destruction, ultimately ending with it being fully restored under his ownership and it ends openly as the theater is faced with the competition of the cheap corporate movie theaters of the time. The picture currently has the working title of, "The Projector," as the owner starts off as a projectionist and the first shot in technicolor is that of a projector.
Wednesday, November 24th, 2004
12:15 am
Hello! This looks like a good place to join seeing that I'm among aspiring screenwriters myself(knowing that there's a big sizable number or screenwriting communities out there).

Anyways, I'm a junior Film and Visual Culture (FVC) student at University of California, Riverside. I almost made it into UCLA'S Film major admissions, which is a very narrow portfolio review and interview process (for those who are interested in preparing the portfolio review for this , you can ask me for help). Yet, I'm content with the FVC program at Riverside.

Also, I started an online screenplay and updating it in parts as something to place into a resume. It's about a loser/slacker named Nathan Wilde, (hired by the nevada gaming comission and FBI), who travels to Las Vegas to track down his con-artist ex-girlfriend and unwittingly gets himself involved with the "world series of poker" taking place. Please comment. I'd really like to have your imput on this. http://psychobob.xepher.net/2wild
Tuesday, July 13th, 2004
8:52 pm
OK, frustration! I hate that I can't seem to see things in my writing that others do. I just got some comments back on my second episode and I'm so frustrated that this happens. I'm good with story but some of the structural stuff kills me, and it makes me crazy that I can't see the problems with my own eyes. How will I ever run a show if I can't be the best? Why can't I see the obvious errors? Sure...I know I'm only 23 and I've got a lot to learn but it still makes me crazy. I'm supposed to be good at this. People say I am...but why do I feel like such a hack? Grrrrr!!

I think I spend too much time thinking about the BIG picture and forget the little one right in front of me sometimes. :S

Current Mood: frustrated
Monday, July 12th, 2004
5:43 pm
The first scene of Paradox After Dark
Okay, this is the first scene. Comments would be appreciated, but be kind please.

Paradox After Dark

Act One

Scene 1: A garage, there is a desk and a work bench SR. Various tools and car parts are scattered about. Loud music (Deep Purple or Black Sabbath perhaps?) is playing. Eddie Stevens, a large burly man with a mustache wearing overalls and carrying a toolbox, walks in. He sets down his toolbox on the bench and sits down at his desk.

Eddie: Savage! Turn the music down! SAVAGE!!!!

The music stops and Nick Savage, a young man wearing an undershirt, jeans, and big black boots walks through the swinging door UL.

Nick: Alright alright! Geez, you sure are a buzz kill. What'd Georgia say?

Eddie: (sighs) Nothin'... she didn't say nothin'...

Nick: Well, what're ya gonna do?

Eddie: I don't know Nick, why don't you get off my case?

Nick: Fine, I'll be in the back. (he exits)

(Eddie shakes his head and pours himself a cup of coffee. Catherine Johnson walks in from OL. She is wearing a short skirt and tank top. She has no shoes on and her hair is messy.)

Catherine: Hello? Can somebody help me?

Eddie: Sure, what can we do for you?

Catherine: My car broke down. Can you fix it?

Eddie: Let me get someone. NICK!!!

(Nick runs in through the swinging door. He stops in his tracks when he sees Catherine.)

Nick: Yeah, what's up?

Eddie: Go help this young lady push her car into the shop.

Nick: You got it, boss.

(Nick follows Catherine OL. Eddie goes back to his coffee. He takes out a newspaper and begins to read. There is some movement behind the swinging door. The left door partially opens, the audience cannot see who is behind the door but Eddie can. He looks up from his paper.)

Eddie: What are you doing here? (pause) I told you never to show your face around here again! Get the fuck out! (Eddie reaches for the phone. As he does, we hear a shot, Eddie falls dead on the floor.)

End Scene

Current Mood: creative
4:13 pm
A good name for a guy
I need a good character name. The play is a mystery called Paradox After Dark and I am just working on the outline right now. I need a lead male character name. Any ideas?

Current Mood: artistic
Saturday, July 10th, 2004
4:22 pm
Hey everyone. Just got my own LJ...yahoo! I'm a screenwriter, currently working on my show bible and episode 2 for a one hour TV drama that I've created. Also working on a fairytale thriller and editing some other projects. So that's mee in a very small nutshell.

Current Mood: calm
Tuesday, May 25th, 2004
2:12 am
Saturday, March 27th, 2004
12:14 am
okay, problem: my friend and I started writing this script like a month ago and a few nights ago I realized that her and I just saw this in two different lights and that the only reason I was even working with her was because I was scared I would fail on my own. well I decided that I need to take this risk myself and that I don't need her but here is the problem, can there be any legal issues later on down the road if my script ends up selling? The main idea for the script was mine with some smaller elements (like the time period it is in) being hers and other things that we have created together (like the names of places and characters). so my question is would she really be able to come after me for this some day? I highly doubt she would, she's so timid anyway, but I just want to cover all my bases.
Saturday, February 21st, 2004
4:26 pm
Hey all, I just did a 3 minute short that I'm submitting to Project Greenlight. I invite you all to watch it and tell me what you think:

Download The Blind Date. - 6 meg .mov

Thursday, October 9th, 2003
1:50 am
Spec script sales
What's the going rate for a spec screenplay these days?

(crossposted like mad: sorry, I need an answer quickly.)
Tuesday, February 25th, 2003
2:57 pm
My screenwriting professor requested a step outline for our shorts. I really liked my idea, until I began writing the outline. What stomped me the most is trying to narrow down the story to less than ten scenes because that is the only way I'll be able to fit it into 12 pages. You know, I've attempted two shorts before. The both of them I pitched to the professor, but since they already exeeded 12 pages, he didn't like them. I had to start from scratch, and the premise he liked the most was the one about the slumber party. I liked it too, but not anymore. I'm really having trouble making it appealing, interesting and cute at the same time. I feel like there's a whole chunk missing at the same time as feeling like it's too jammed together.... like there should be more space, explanation....

I'm not finished, but the last scene on the outline is like the ending point. I know in class we talked about having a hero, villian, conflict, the protagonist has to take on a different action to meet the climax, and then the main one is having the hero change from beginning to end ("How can the worst thing turn into the best").

I forgot about the three questions I should've asked myself before taking up on the outline:

What is the world of your story?
A single accident or umbrella idea.
What's at risk if hero doesn't succeed?

Here's what I have:

Premise: A girl is having a slumber party with her closest girl friends that she hasn’t seen in ages the night her ex-boyfriend decides he wants to win her back. To prove to her friends that every relationship she has been in has been a disaster, she goes down memory lane, all while trying to get rid of the ex, who is standing outside of her apartment.

(A girl is having a slumber party with her closest girl friends the night her ex-boyfriend decides he wants to win her back. To prove to her friends that every relationship she has been in has been a disaster, she goes down memory lane, all while trying to get rid of the ex, who is standing outside of her apartment.

The idea I have for this, is basically have these early 20something year old childhood girl friends get together for a night of memories and reminiscing when the main girls ex tries to come over. She doesn't let him in, so he ends up distracting her by throwing rocks, calling her, playing songs outside.... just stupid shit - all to win her back.

Her girl friends haven't seen her in so long, so she decides to show them all of her ex's, and why she has had zero luck finding Mr. Right. As she reads through old letters, and journals, and looks at pictures.... she realizes that the ex that is outside attempting to get her back is/was the best boyfriend she has had.... so she goes outside, hugs him....and the cliche ending begins.

·Scene One: Aileen (our hero) is watching a chick flick with three friends (Megan, Jen, and Kelly) in the living room. They are reminiscing over something that happened with all four of them in High School. After the movie finishes, Aileen stands up and angrily tells her friends just how much she hates sappy endings.

·Scene Two: The girls go into Aileen’s room. Megan, Jen, and Kelly walk around the room checking it out. There are pictures of four young girls all over the room, which gives an idea that Megan, Jen, Kelly and Aileen are childhood friends. Jen picks up a crooked ceramics taxi cab with hearts all over it – she asks what the hell it is. Aileen murmurs that it was from her ex. The girls move to the bed, and Megan decides to start an “ex-boyfriend” game where everyone takes turns talking about their ex’s. She figured it would be a good way to get back on track with her friends since neither of them has seen each other since college began 2 years ago. As soon as they begin, the doorbell to the apartment begins to ring nonstop.

·Scene Three: Everyone runs into the living room to see who it is. Aileen turns on the intercom and asks whom it is. The voice on the other end sounds familiar, and Aileen realizes it is Brian, her most recent ex-boyfriend. She steps away from the intercom, and panics for a second, and decides to ignore him. Aileen explains to the girls who Brian is, but they are still confused as to why she is ignoring him, so Aileen decides to show them exactly what is wrong with Brian.

·Scene Four: They’re back in Aileen’s room; everyone is sitting on the bed while Aileen is taking out a huge box filled with ex-boyfriend letters, gifts and other memorabilia. She obviously wants to be the first victim of Megan’s “ex-boyfriend” game. She figures it’s a good way to show her friends the bad luck she has had with the longest relationships she has had with a guy in the past 2 years. She begins to read a letter written to her by an ex she had in the beginning of last year, when the doorbell to her cell phone begins to ring. She turns it off. Aileen continues to talk about this guy. Meanwhile, Brian is standing outside the apartment building trying to figure out how to get Aileen’s attention. Aileen talks about one of her past boyfriends, a noise from the kitchen is heard.

·Scene Five: Everyone runs into the kitchen. Aileen peaks out the window and sees Brian standing outside with a pile of rocks in his hand. Aileen ducks down. The girls laugh at how insane Brian must be. Kelly has an idea to play a mind game with Brian. Aileen reluctantly disagrees, and places the big box on the kitchen table. She wants to continue, but the girls seem to be very bored with it, but give in because they see that Aileen’s on an angst drive. She shares things about ex-boyfriend #2 until loud music from outside distracts her.

·Scene Six: Brian is outside blasting “Come On Aileen” from his car, while he himself is screaming at the top of his lungs for Aileen to give him a chance to talk, because he knows she’s at home. From his view of the kitchen window, he notices someone closing it.

·Scene Seven: Aileen is finally up to the boyfriend she had before Brian. She spills her guts and anger about him, until Jen interrupts her, and peaks outside the window to find Brian sitting hopelessly on the front steps of the building. Jen opens the window and screams out to Brian. She asks him what he’s doing outside, and what he wants from Aileen. Brian gets sentimental and confesses to loving Aileen, and wanting to get back together with her. Jen thanks Brian and closes the window again.

·Scene Eight: The girls all look at Aileen with a confused expression on their faces. They all wonder what could be wrong with Brian that they broke up. Aileen looks at them and pulls out the letters and gifts that Brian had given to her. She begins to read the first letter slowly. While she is reading, the girls look through the stack of things Brian gave Aileen. Everything was wonderful. There was nothing wrong with the things Brian had given, nor was there anything awful about his writing.

Is there any hope for me to revise but not change everything? Or do I have to completely start over with the outline?
Monday, January 13th, 2003
9:33 pm
Hey all, I've just completed the rough draft of my first feature length screenplay and figured I'd share it with all of you. I'd appreciate any comments/corrections/questions/critiques you all feel up to offering. Mind you, it's a rough draft and has a long way to go. The title is just Serial at the moment and for lack of a better title, it'll suffice as a working title.

Once it's done, I plan on filming it, whenever that day might come, but just keep in mind that I'm the one that will end up shooting it in the end.

It's the story of a "retired" serial killer, Charlie, who was never apprehended who, nearly fifteen years after his final murder, is now the prime suspect in copycat killings. Though he was never caught, a corrupt police detective and an observerving rookie set out to catch Charlie in the act. Charlie, under pressure from the police, knows that to stop the police, he must find and stop the killer himself, but that means returning to a way of life that nearly destroyed him...

Anyhow, without further ado, I hope you all enjoy Serial

Current Mood: accomplished
Wednesday, December 4th, 2002
11:25 am
Hello. I'm new to the LJ and excited about the many possibilities that abound here. I am a young independent filmmaker. I don't exactly fancy myself a writer and so I have come to you folks. I am looking for a story that you think might make a good film short. Any genre and style would be great. I can't offer any pay other than deffered. Meaning if the short makes any money then an agreed upon percentage would be offered. I have one film onine that shows my skill as a director feel free to check it out and see if you would be interested with working with me. It's in quicktime format and about 10M and 3min. You can find it at:


One word of warning is that the sound quality isn't the best, so please bear with me. If nothing else, enjoy the film.

Current Mood: artistic
Friday, October 25th, 2002
6:01 pm
Hi. I'm a year 10 drama student. I am having a drama rehearsal for a drama night at school. We do not as yet have a script and need one for any amount of people up to 20. Around 5 minutes and maximum 10 minutes. Low profanity and adult scenes. I need it real quick. I'm sorry for sounding rude, but we have poured over every drama book in the library and still have the foggiest on what to do. I would really appreciate if you would write a script for us.

In advance, thank you.

Current Mood: hopeful
Tuesday, July 30th, 2002
6:37 pm
I just got an invitation to join this Yahoo group. I have no idea where it came from, was it someone here?

Current Mood: curious
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