Jen and Psychobob (psychofish) wrote in script_doctor,
Jen and Psychobob


Hello! This looks like a good place to join seeing that I'm among aspiring screenwriters myself(knowing that there's a big sizable number or screenwriting communities out there).

Anyways, I'm a junior Film and Visual Culture (FVC) student at University of California, Riverside. I almost made it into UCLA'S Film major admissions, which is a very narrow portfolio review and interview process (for those who are interested in preparing the portfolio review for this , you can ask me for help). Yet, I'm content with the FVC program at Riverside.

Also, I started an online screenplay and updating it in parts as something to place into a resume. It's about a loser/slacker named Nathan Wilde, (hired by the nevada gaming comission and FBI), who travels to Las Vegas to track down his con-artist ex-girlfriend and unwittingly gets himself involved with the "world series of poker" taking place. Please comment. I'd really like to have your imput on this.
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