Hal, Do you read me HAL? (theunsaidthings) wrote in script_doctor,
Hal, Do you read me HAL?

Let me know what you think...

I have started a new writing project. It's a screenplay about a movie theater, modeled from the one in Medina which my family once owned. It follows the owner, his family and their future after his untimely death. I've got around fifteen minutes of running time finished so far. It begins, shot in black and white, in present time, with the owner's great grandson chaining himself to the doors of the theater in protest of its being torn down. As the police show up and accost him, he begins to speak in a soapbox about the grand tradition of the theater and his family's history. This dissolves into a technicolor frame of the nineteen forties and begins the process of telling the story. It will move quickly through the forties and fifties, highlighting certain genres and eras of cinematography and the certain gimmicks that went along with this. The theater and the family themselves are competing with surrounding cities in creating an atmosphere that beats out the big dollar houses and stays true to the tradition, bringing in literally thousands of people every year to the small town. The crux of the plot will take place in the summer of the owner's grandson's senior year of high school and end as the owner himself meets his demise and the family is faced with back taxes and debt. They sell the theater to a shrewd local attorney in a last dash effort to keep the building's tradition. Of course, the key word is shrewd and the attorney goes through many different clubs and discos, etc. before we reach the climax of the picture. This last part, after the owner's death, will run by very quickly. The resolution lies in cutting back to the epilogue, with the great grandson. The shot is now also in technicolor and shows the town coming together and joining the young man in his protest of the building's destruction, ultimately ending with it being fully restored under his ownership and it ends openly as the theater is faced with the competition of the cheap corporate movie theaters of the time. The picture currently has the working title of, "The Projector," as the owner starts off as a projectionist and the first shot in technicolor is that of a projector.
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